About Me

Ahmad Mehrafsar

I am an Electronic Music Producer, Video Editor and Web developer. I help music lovers (especially FL Studio users) make their stuffs quicker, would you like to try that? So CLICK HERE

I’m extremely motivated to get more knowledge under my belt and acquire new skills. I have an innate drive to find authentic ways to explore ideas or express feelings through images, performance, or the written word. I can also be ‘creative’ in business, by coming up with new approaches to tackling problems.
I like people that support for the arts, increasing participation locally or nationally.


Art/ Making Movie /Acting

Sound Design/ Producing Electronic Music

Writing/ Psychology/ Mysticism

I would like to:
Brainstorming new ideas with creative thinkers
Helping people find a solution to a long-term problem
Helping develop an innovative technique to introduce education to repeat offenders
Setting up a local place to provide low-cost counseling

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you. You can find me at amd@mehrafsar.com and my Facebook Profile.